Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Illinois Project Clean Slate - UNFAIR

I recently discovered that my ex-husband had a HUGE portion of his past due child support wiped out by this Project Clean Slate. So far, I have not found any info on it aside from the news release that this was available. My ex was incarcerated several times over the course of about 7 years and did not make child support payments. From the time of our divorce, our child was 2, until the time she turned 8, he made no payments. He owed several thousand dollars as of late last year, recently when I checked the balance online it was reduced by over $13,000! I received NO NOTICE, no letter, no court hearing......no notice whatsoever! I'm looking for anyone else who has experienced this or has any information regarding it.

Here us the link to the new release http://www.illinois.gov/PressReleases/PressReleasesListShow.cfm?RecNum=6230

It's towards the end of the article


birthmomto2_momto2 said...

I am not sure of your specific situation of course. However, the program specifies that it will not reduce any money owed for actual child support. They will only forgive a portion or all money owed to the state. This is money that was paid out in welfare benefits such as food stamps and/or cash; and interest can be partially or completely forgiven. Every dime of child support owed has to be paid. So of the $13,000 forgiven you would have received none of that even if they had collected it.

marcus said...

i successfully complete project clean slate over a year ago prove alot of things to get accepted sent alot of important papers up there.i called and inform them i was working thinking project clean slate employee will handle there business and help me out of all this mess.see,i have here a contact between project clean slate and me,i met every word and action on our contract agreement project clean slate has not which mean that the state is in breech of its respondabilty to lower my chid support debt it has not yet,its going on i believe a full year waiting for whoever over see this dapartment in chicago.they dont care about doin they'er job and getting issues like mine done.this department should be moved to springfield where the actual service of this department might start working properly for the people and not there employees just get a check

Clark Schulze said...

(Project Clean Slate can help you erase the past due child support payments and interest that you owe to the State of Illinois.) Project Clean Slate will not erase or reduce the amount of past due child support payments you owe the custodial parent. Project Clean Slate will not stop or reduce the child support payments that you have to make in the future. You should reseach a subject before showing your intelligence.